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This website is operated privately and maintained entirely at my expense.

I want to help keep the memory of Krasna and my ancestors.

You can not find your way around?

No problem, ask your children. They know all about it.
Have you told your children from Krasna a lot? This would be a great opportunity now.

You want to see more ..

If your ancestors come from Krasna, then I will give you release the whole website for 12 months.
Please understand this condition.
Only under the stipulation “For persons with ancestry from Krasna” we get the pictures made available.

Two coffee for Krasna

If you like the example, do not hesitate to offer us two coffees via a Paypal donation: For two coffees

The amount is released to you. Think about the enormous work behind this project. LOL
I share the donation with Ted J. Becker.

Thank you

To the donations account for the memorials in KrasnaTo donate for the maintenance and preservation of the St. Joseph Cemetery chapel and memorial stone to the first settlers (1814-1815) in Krasna click on the “Paypal” URL below.


Krasna · Krasnoye · Rajon Tarutyne · Oblast Odessa · Ukraine

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