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The Origin of the Krasna Colonists and their Migration to Krasna

Author: Eduard Volk, Neuwied, Germany © 2019

(following the book “Krasna”, completed in 2007, based on sources known until 2019)

Impressions of Bessarabia and Krasna

Abb. 1: Gehöft in Krasna

Abb. 2: Getreidefuhre in Krasna

Hint: If the exact places of origin of the individual families are known, they are displayed in the Krasna online local family book:

Much of what we read or hear about Bessarabian Germans primarily concerns the Protestant settlers. They made up the vast majority of the colonists. Krasna's peculiarities usually do not appear so clearly in the general publications:

  • Krasna was the only Catholic mother colony.
  • Krasna was the only one who spoke a dialect based on the Palatine dialect.
  • Most of the Krasna immigrants came from the part of Poland belonging to Austria, less from Prussia.
  • They had not emigrated from Württemberg to Poland, but mostly from Saarland, the Palatinate, Baden, Alsace and Westerwald/Taunus.

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