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Krasna Photo Collection · pw

Picture World ● Digital historical photographs related to Krasna, Akkerman, Bessarabia.

You need access data for this new image archive. If these are missing, please request them again.

The huge photo collection in “Krasna Photo Collection” is fully linked with more than 20,000 hyperlinks to the individual persons depicted in the personal report.

Picture archive of Krasna Photo CollectionClick on the image to open the website.


This image archive is an independent web application.

Username and e-mail address were assigned by the admin, just like for the main page of Krasna Photo Collection.
You can change the password. For example to the one you are used to from KPC.

You can customise the other settings as you wish.

Customise the websiteClick on the image to open the website.

Forgotten password

Have you forgotten your password? Then click on the button in the right-hand corner. You can create a new password with the data you have stored at Krasna Photo Collection (user name or e-mail address).

forgotten your passwordClick on the image to open the website.


Use the search function. You will be amazed.

For further explanations, follow the About menu item.

Have fun

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